Akkent Textile  Denizli.
Türkçefor EnglishAkkent Textile. Textile Waste Textile Recycling Denizli.
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Textile and factory images from Akkent
Akkent Textile
Akkent Textile

Initiated in 1995, our firm is focused on recycling any kind of textile waste, notibly of cotton, our well-experienced staff  prepares and classifies raw materials for the firms producing fiber, nylon and paper...

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Textile recycling know about.

If textile re-processors receive wet or soiled clothes however, these may still end up being disposed of in landfill, as the washing and drying facilities are not present at sorting units.

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Akkent Tekstil  Denizli. Geri dönüşüm hakkında bilmedikleriniz Ürünlerimiz Bize ulaşın.
Provided from textile factories, these products are sold as raw material to those firms recycling  paper and plastic.
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